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CeBIT 2008:AURES Technologies expands its POSLIGNE® range while reaffirming its position as a designer and developer of point-of-sale IT systems

CeBiT in Hannover - 4-9 March 2008 - Hall 17 - Stand E40

(PresseBox) (Fürstenfeldbruck, ) Following on from Odyssé, the first exclusive series of integrated ePOS terminals under the POSLIGNE® name, characterised by style and colour, AURES Technologies is now expanding and enhancing the range with new dedicated systems and peripherals.

Wholly designed and developed by the Group, this equipment confirms the ability of AURES and its POSLIGNE® brand to pursue their programme of innovation, providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art lines which are quite simply unique, designed to fulfil the needs of all points of sale and service, whatever their size (from small retail outlets to major chains), type of business (retail, non-food, catering, leisure, etc.) and location (France and worldwide).

"Today, this strategy is enabling AURES to affirm its role as a designer and developer of point-of-sale IT systems and as a key player in its field", says Patrick CATHALA, the Group's CEO.

"The breadth of our POSLIGNE® range and the wide variety of complementary equipment and peripherals available allow us to be present in every vertical segment of the market in over thirty countries", adds Hilmar BUCHWALD, Operations Manager of AURES GmbH.

The new POSLIGNE® modular system comprises the Poséo Retail PC, the OLC 15 touchscreen and the coordinated ODP 200 printer (shown here with graphite base and carmine red colour clips)

- Galéo: the new vertical-concept integrated system

Galéo is the POSLIGNE® range's new integrated terminal based on a vertical design concept.

Its smooth, flowing, minimalist lines are a study in contemporary, state-of-the-art and user-friendly design.

Galéo's graceful form rises from its base unit - containing both the CPU and the customer display - and has the smallest of sales counter footprints.

The slimline, wide-tilt (25-65°) 15" articulated touchscreen provides optimum accessibility, allowing easy reading of display data.

Galéo's vertical design makes it the perfect hardware for bars, restaurants, fast food outlets and all forms of takeaway retail.

Galéo's "fanless" version, which uses a Celeron ULV M processor, is especially suitable for harsher environments; fanless systems mean dust, flour and fatty materials are not absorbed into the machine. What is more, this version is virtually noiseless.

Another feature is that all Galéo's cables are stowed within the base, doing away with unsightly tangles of wires and cables around the unit.

The machine is also available with a flash drive instead of a hard disk.

15" touchscreen terminal

Integrated 2-line customer display

Fanless version with INTEL UVL M CPU
(ideal for difficult environments where dust, crumbs and dirt present significant hazards)
or fan-equipped version (INTEL Celeron (M) 1.5GHz CPU)

512MB DDR SODIMM RAM 40GB hard disk drive (with or without fan)

4 RS 232 serial ports, 2 with 5V or 12V power supply

All cabling inside base

Fixing system ensures enhanced stability

Windows - XP Pro or Windows WEPOS pre-installed

colours: pearl or graphite

Galéo with graphite base

- Poséo + OLC 15 : the first modular solution to feature an innovative design with daring, interchangeable colour schemes

Following on from the "all-in-one" Odyssé system (a fully-integrated solution featuring PC and touchscreen within a single POS unit) - the first terminal with soft, flowing lines and interchangeable colour clips - AURES has now unveiled a brand new modular system based on the same exclusive "by POSLIGNE®" concept.

This configuration includes 2 complementary elements: the Poséo Retail PC and its dedicated touchscreen, the OLC 15.

Poséo, the range's new Retail PC, is at the heart of POSLIGNE®'s modular solution.
- Sturdy, compact, reliable and designed specifically with demanding retail environments in mind, Poséo is equally at home on a "front office" cash desk or in the "back office" (where it can be used as a server, for instance).
- Poséo is built on a 1.6mm-thick reinforced steel baseframe, providing optimum solidity.
- Its ultra-high-performance specifications make use of the best state-of-the-art POS* technology, including an Intel 945G chipset, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, RAID 0/1 technology, hot-swap SATA drives and so on.
- The RAID controller card provides optimum protection of sensitive data, with automatic backup and recovery in the event of malfunction of one of the two hard disks.
- A full range of connectivity options is available, with 5 serial ports, up to 10 USB ports, 4 USB Retail ports, a DVI port for an additional display, and an integrated power supply serving a range of peripheral devices.
- Poséo is also extremely easy to maintain; thumbscrews enable each system component to be removed quickly and independently, so maintenance operations take only a matter of minutes.

Intel Celeron, Pentium 4 or Intel Core 2 Duo Processor(s)
Intel 945G chipset (internal power supply)
512 RAM DDR (up to 4GB available)

SATA HDD Disk drive

5 x RS 232 serial ports 6 x standard USB ports 1 x parallel port 1 x LAN 10/1000 1 x cash drawer output 1 x PS2 port 1 x VGA port 1 x DVI port

1 audio output 1 24V printer power supply 1 12V customer display power supply

Pre-installed operating system: Windows WEPOS, XP-Pro or Vista.

Options: Retail USB ports, CD-ROM drives and/or burners, etc
- OLC 15: following Odyssé's lead.

OLC15, Poséo's dedicated touchscreen, is fully in keeping with the POSLIGNE® spirit and the Odyssé heritage.

With refined, elegant lines, strikingly original profile and slimline appearance, this touchscreen is one of a kind on the market, signalling a total break from the dull, angular features common to run-of-the-mill POS* computer displays.

The groundbreaking "Clip'n Color" scheme, which uses interchangeable colour clips, enables the OLC 15 to change its hue - adjusting effortlessly to the style, visual identity and brand image of any retailer, shop, restaurant, public place...

The OLC 15's highly compact footprint frees up plenty of room on the sales counter. The power supply unit is incorporated into the base, avoiding the needless clutter of wires, transformers and adapters. The tilting customer display and front-facing USB port make this a fully retail-oriented screen.

Retail users and staff will love its slim lines and state-of-the-art design - equally attractive when viewed from in front, behind, and in profile - and so will customers paying for their purchases.

15" touchscreen

Small footprint Sturdy touch pad 1024 x 768 resolution Brightness: up to 250 cd/sqm Large screen tilt angle: 0 - 70°

Internal power supply Touchscreen and customer display managed via 1 USB cable RS232 or PS2 managed peripherals

Integrated or freestanding 2-line 20-character customer display Base available in two colours (pearl or graphite)

8 interchangeable colours of clips available (Clip'n Color system - in spice yellow, tonic orange, carmine red, pure white, metal grey, soft blue, indigo blue, racing green)

OLC 15 touchscreen without integrated customer display
(pearl base, soft blue clips)

OLC 15 with integrated customer display
(graphite base, orange tonic colour clips)

- A new range of fully matching peripherals

The "Clip'n Color" concept means the new POSLIGNE® label peripheral devices are also supplied with interchangeable colour schemes to match all the brand's equipment and systems, adding the perfect finishing touches - right down to the last detail.

Additionally, POSLIGNE® peripherals are compatible with all other available POS systems on the market.

- OCD 100: a customer display with a touch of colour and a touch of style!

Unlike traditional pole-mounted vertical customer displays, the OCD 100's design is extremely compact and fits on any sales counter. It comes with a modular colour kit and a 20° tilt angle 2-line 20-character display, and can be self-powered via a serial or USB Retail port.

- PS 50: customisable laser scanner

Blending right in with the POSLIGNE® range of systems and peripherals, the PS50 barcode reader comes with a range of colour clip stickers so that it matches the rest of the hardware.

When on its base, the scanner is managed automatically; during handheld use, a trigger enables the user to select the barcode to be scanned.

Scan speed is 500 scans/sec. Both the PS-50 and the PS-70 have multiple interfacing capabilities and come with programming software.

The scanner is available in two base colours - pearl or graphite - and comes with interchangeable stickers in the eight POSLIGNE® colours.

- PS 70: an ultra-compact omnidirectional scanner

Designed for sales counters where space is at a premium, the PS 70 is an omnidirectional barcode reader. The reader can be removed from its base for remote scanning, making it much easier to deal with unwieldy or bulky items.

Its 1400 scans/second, multiple interfacing capability and programming software make this reader a reliable, high-performance scanner.

AURES Technologies GmbH

Created in 1989 by Patrick CATHALA and Gilles BOUVART, currently Chairman and Managing Director respectively, the AURES Group has been listed on Euronext Paris since 1999.

AURES designs and manufactures dedicated IT systems and terminals for points of sale and service marketed under the POSLIGNE® brand and is recognised as one of the key players in its market.

AURES has one subsidiary in Germany - AURES GmbH, headed by Mr Hilmar BUCHWALD, another in the UK, and an established international presence through its Exports Department, partners and distributors.