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Italian design meets German engineering prowess

Headphones Magnat.LZR 980 designed by Pininfarina

(PresseBox) (Pulheim, ) Magnat is one of the leading European brand manufacturers of high-end audio systems and together with the renowned Italian design company Pininfarina, have developed a headphone series for the high-end category. The goal of this partnership is a product line which combines high tech sound reproduction from Germany with exclusive Italian design. The first result of this partnership is the flagship of the new headphones portfolio from Magnat: the Magnat.LZR 980 designed by Pininfarina.

The LZR 980 is a premium headphone that meets the high expectations of the style-conscious music lover. Ergonomic perfection with aesthetic elegance combines with state of the art technologies into, in every respect, a stunning headphone. Precision is experienced with comfort as well as music playback.

The Magnat LaSeR Technology is eponymous. Magnat has more than 15 years experience in the field of laser-optimised loudspeaker chassis. The laser measurement system used to optimise the components in the speaker area is far superior to conventional measuring methods. A new super fine laser is now being used for the development of new headphone driver which operates within a specially designed vacuum chamber to provide extremely accurate readings from the core of the chassis. This makes for the optimal adjustment of all components possible. Conventional measurements were additionally performed to exclude theoretically possible inaccuracies caused by minute fluctuations in air pressure.

The Magnat Laser-Tech-Driver is used in all LZR headphones and is the basis for acoustic precision and brilliant sound. In the premium product, Magnat.LZR 980, the driver also takes advantage of the Metal-Core and Multi-Layer-Technology. The Metal-Core-Technology stabilises the tiny and delicate membrane. The advantage of the multi-layer construction made of different materials and thickness's, is the extremely precise cone movement resulting from the reduced partial oscillations. To minimise unwanted reflections inside the driver, a damping element made from acoustic foam is attached centrally behind the diaphragm. The results add up to a very impressive sound experience: Deep bass, clear mid range and brilliant highs all provide for a precise, balanced and lively sound.

The high performance cable has been specially designed for this perfectly formed over-ear headphone. The inner conductor is made of high-purity OFC copper to guarantee excellent signal transport and high durability. The gold-plated connector offers the highest contact reliability. For maximum durability all relevant components are strain-relieved and the cable (thanks to its special construction and finish) is tangle-free. And of course it makes are very easy to remove and replace if necessary.

Basis for the ergonomics and functionality of the Magnat Pininfarina headphones, were several practical tests and case studies. The stated goal from Pininfarina: to ensure the perfect fit of the LZR 980. Supported by the innovative AirTec aeration system, the ear pads are made of memory foam and adapt individually to each head and ear shape offering maximum comfort. With the patented clip-joint system, the Magnat.LZR 980 headphone can easily be folded. When transporting the headphones, they simply disappear into the matching case (also designed by Pininfarina). The case also has ample storage space for cables and accessories.

With the high-quality and unique appearance of the Magnat.LZR 980, Pininfarina has produced a real masterpiece. The legendary Italian designer forges and develops everyday high-end designs for products from all areas of life. Whether in the automotive industry, in architecture or consumer goods, Pininfarina has been inundated over the years with design awards. Exclusive materials were used in the development of the Magnat.LZR 980 whilst at the same time high demands where made on the design. The result is a very elegant headphone which sets new standards through the integration of innovative high-end technologies not only in its price class, but also becoming a style icon sending out a clear statement from its owner.

The LZR 980 from the German loudspeaker manufacturer Magnat, is available in two colour versions: In elegant pearl white high-gloss or in something more masculine, the elegant rubberised black coating. Its suitability for everyday use is also shown by the possibility of combining with all smartphone operating systems. Using the integrated microphone provides for free speech by simply pressing a button control on the integrated cable remote.

The Magnat.LZR 980 headphone, developed with laser technology combines elegant Italian design with German engineering prowess setting new optical and acoustical standards. A style icon at the highest level.

The Magnat.LZR 980 designed by Pininfarina is available for 299.00 Euro incl. VAT and available in electronic stores from October.