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ATP Electronics Launches Vertical Slim SATA Module, SL-1042, aiming for Embedded Systems

(PresseBox) (Rotterdam, NL, ) ATP®, a leading flash memory manufacturer known for its high quality, durable flash and DRAM memory modules announced its newly released Vertical Slim SATA Embedded Module, SL- 1042. With its small size and ratified JEDEC standard, MO-297, the ATP Vertical Slim SATA Embedded Module is an ideal fit for embedded solid state storage applications. The compact design of the Slim SATA solution makes the module the ideal structure for SSD solutions that have space constraints and require high performance and reliability.

The ATP Vertical Slim SATA Embedded Module, SL-1042, adheres to the JEDEC standard, as well as CE, FCC and RoHS industry compliance and regulatory standards. The small size, 54mm(L)x39.8mm(W)x4.0mm(H), and high density of the Vertical Slim SATA makes the module an ideal replacement for the 2.5" HDD. It offers an alternative solution for space constrained embedded applications such as IPC, Blades, Advanced TCA, Networking hosts, POS machines, and enhances the capability, performance and reliability of different applications. The ATP Vertical Slim SATA Embedded Module is available in 2GB to 16GB capacities.

"ATP Electronics is committed to addressing the market needs of smaller and more efficient memory modules which provide the same performance and reliability of larger alternatives. The Vertical Slim SATA Module, with its compact design and superior performance capability is the ultimate solution for embedded solid state storage applications requiring optimal operating abilities," said Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The ATP Vertical Slim SATA Embedded Modules, SL-1042, support key flash management features including Global Wear-Leveling, error checking and correction as well as drive monitoring (S.M.A.R.T), providing our clients with the high reliability and endurance.

ATP Electroincs Inc.

Founded in 1991, ATP is a leading manufacturer of high performance and durable flash memory solutions as well as DRAM memory module products. ATP offers a broad range of the highest quality DRAM Memory products for mission critical applications such as server blade, workstation, network communication, and embedded systems. ATP flash media products offer protection from water/moisture, dust, static discharge, and extreme temperatures. For more information on ATP memory products, visit or email