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Amsterdam, (PresseBox) - Despite the simplicity of consumer platforms like Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime and Facebook Messenger, setting up a video chat at work has remained a challenge. It takes time and effort. But when a great idea hits, or a discussion is hot in HipChat, teams need to be able to make decisions in the moment and move forward. The new HipChat Video platform fulfills this need for instantaneous face to face collaboration in the digital workplace.

Starting today, HipChat Plus users will enjoy group video chat and screen sharing from HipChat rooms - at no extra cost. Completely rebuilt, the new HipChat Video platform rivals the most stable, reliable platforms on the market - but with the added benefit of one-click simplicity. No need to schedule a time or create an agenda - you can now join a video chat with your entire team, right from HipChat at the click of a button.

The idea of video chatting for work isn't foreign, but it has not been a seamless extension of your team’s existing collaboration workflow until now. Video chat has been cumbersome and difficult to scale in a work environment. Whether you're using a hardware provider like Lifesize or Polycom, or a popular cloud tool like GoToMeeting or Webex, teams that are already collaborating with each other waste valuable time sharing meeting urls, fumbling through pin codes, installing or updating meeting software, and tediously re-entering their names and roles into a tool outside of their team chat room when they want to see faces and share screens.  HipChat Video removes all of this “first minutes of every meeting” wasted context switching time and effort, simplifying the process and bringing video to where your team is already collaborating - without the need to install new software, log into another service or move to another room. Your team is already assembled in HipChat - just click one button to see them!

The benefit of a stable, simplified and accessible video chat is massive. Wainhouse Research found that 94 percent of employees say that video conferencing results in higher efficiency and productivity, compared to other forms of communication. An HBR study that looked at what people are doing on non-video conference calls highlights why productive teams are using video to collaborate. For example, 65 percent of respondents admitted doing multi-tasking, 44 percent sent text messages, and 43 percent checked social media sites. The study also found that more than a quarter (27%) of Americans have fallen asleep on a conference call!

Teams on HipChat will now spend less time organizing a video conference and more time actually collaborating. That's right, we've made getting your whole team on a video call as easy as ordering an Uber. (You can order an Uber from HipChat now too!)

A group video chat solution as instantaneous as real life

Teams on HipChat can now start a group video chat from any room at the click of a button, allowing them to make decisions faster, with less friction.

Unlike other video providers, HipChat Video does not require you to download a new or updated browser extension, or sign into another service. The instantaneous, immediate transition from group chat to group video that HipChat Video provides keeps teams in context of the conversation that inspired the video chat. It's the virtual version of spinning your chair around to brainstorm an idea - but with colleagues who work across the room or across the globe.

Get on the same page faster with by sharing your screen

HipChat Video has made it easy to share your screen in a video chat. Anyone on the call can share a live view of any document or browser window on their desktop, across all our desktop and web clients. No more awkward pauses as cords and laptops are passed around to share what you’ve been working on. You decide which window to share, and HipChat will broadcast it to the call. Of course, if you're camera-shy it's easy to disable your own camera or mute yourself at any point in a call.

Smoother, faster & ready to scale

HipChat's rebuilt video chat experience is unlike anything our customers have experienced in a chat platform and we’ve gone way beyond appearances.

HipChat Video is now powered by the latest WebRTC technology, delivering the video quality and speed our customers expect. We've dedicated servers throughout the globe for better reliability in every region of the world.

1 to 1 to 1 calls too!

Ever been in a 1:1

Team collaboration is taking a big step into the future of work. By bringing group video chat into HipChat, teams will be able to work through any project, task, or issue with ease. This is just one more way to break down the barriers that separate teammates geographically and bridge the gaps in communication that slow work down. Integrated video is the ideal way to escalate a conversation - when time is of the essence, and your team needs to reach a conclusion and take action quicker than chat might allow - HipChat Video lets you

Group video chat and screen sharing is rolling out to HipChat Plus customers who upgrade their desktop apps. HipChat Server customers will get the new video chat experience soon.

Get it now: HipChat - Downloads

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