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"Our world revolves around the sun."

For their second appearance at Intersolar, module manufacturers arinna AG, announce growth in production and sales capacity - considerable interest expected at their stand and in the complementary programme

(PresseBox) (Munich / Berlin, ) Berlin-based arinna AG, founded in 2007 and not listed on the stock exchange, will be exhibiting for the second time at Munich's Intersolar - the world's leading trade fair for solar technology. The company is part of the solar industry's network "The Renewables Consulting Group" (TRCG). TRCG is concerned with the improvement of production techniques from the manufacture of modules to their applications. Within this consortium, arinna AG assumes responsibility for the construction of solar modules.

Since their widely-acclaimed Intersolar appearance last year, arinna AG have been involved in an on-going process of development. With the founding of their subsidiary arinna PV Berlin GmbH in September 2008, Berlin, where there headquarters are located, also became a manufacturing base. "A strategic decision," as Chairman of the Board of Management Korhan Erdön explains. Since January 2009, arinna PV Berlin GmbH has been based in Berlin-Marzahn, with a production area of some 5,000 square metres. The first production line (stringer system) has already been installed. Additional space for subsequent extension of production capacity has been included in the planning of this site. Production began with an initial annual capacity of 20 MW which is being increased in stages to 100 MW. In the initial phase, staff numbers are planned to be built up to 69 by the end of 2009. The building, which was erected in 1982 and had already been renovated once in 1997, will itself carry a 200 KW PV unit on its roof.

But there have also been new developments in the sales division as well as in production. Thus arinna is able to announce the opening of a Turkish branch of arinna AG, where Bülent Dagdelen has represented the company in Istanbul since the beginning of 2009. Erdön comments: "Bülent Dagdelen is one of the most experienced professionals and market experts in the sector, with whom I have worked closely during the establishment phase of Turkish solar production. Solar energy is a feature of the economic scene with considerable potential in Turkey.

Meeting point in Hall A 1

Bernd Walther, Member of the Board of Management at arinna, not only expects, once again, considerable interest from the trade public at their stand, but also sees the function of their stand as a meeting point for communication within the sector. Walther explains: "They were already all there last year." Refreshments, including traditional local foods such as original Munich white sausage and pretzels as well as international, exotic cocktails will be served to visitors. The Soul Babies will be responsible for the entertainment, and will also be organising a party on the stand in Hall A 1 (Stand 110) on the Thursday (28th).

The goal: the greatest possible improvements in efficiency for photovoltaic technology At Intersolar, arinna AG will be presenting their products as well as possible applications.

The aim of the company is focused on improving as far as possible the efficiency of photovoltaic technology, in terms both of production and use. To this end, the company is involved in an on-going process of research and development, and is also working in collaboration with the Photovoltaic Institute, Berlin (PI). Products are developed and improved within the company. Improvements include optimised installation techniques and the structural developments needed to deal with higher wind loads. But arinna AG is also concerned to improve the manufacturing process itself. Moreover, the company is producing some innovative ideas for units which are integral to the building fabric, viz. BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic Products), as well as photovoltaic installations which are independent of the national grid.

Modules from arinna AG with a performance guarantee

In their manufacturing processes, arinna AG use only certified materials; they guarantee every module for two years and offer insurance on solar installations of up to five years. Intelligent design, combined with the use of first-class raw materials, offers consumers added value, which finds expression in terms of features like aesthetic appeal and reliability. Modules produced by arinna AG have higher outputs resulting from the use of the low-iron, structured safety glass. The use of 4 mm thick glass and a solid aluminium frame with a deep rebate for the glass, mean that the modules are capable of withstanding the highest stresses. This makes the modules exceptionally well suited to slot-in systems. The structure of the framework ensures that the panels cannot slip, that water does not accumulate and also enables a fixing hole for what is termed equipotential bonding. The extreme durability of the system results from the fact that the cells are encased in glass, EVA, Tedlar® and an anodized, corrosion-resistant aluminium frame, which makes them extremely weatherproof. Furthermore arinna AG guarantee a performance for each module of at least 90 per cent for the first 10 years and at least 80 per cent up to 25 years after the module was supplied. All modules from arinna AG are delivered in recyclable packaging.

arinna AG

Board of Management

The Chairman of the Board of Management is Korhan Erdön, who was in charge of the module factory Akktec S.A. in Istanbul. In 2006 he became co-founder of asunim Espagna SL/Madrid and Asunim Lda Portugal/Faro, and in 2007 he was a founder member of Projekt Consult RCG GmbH, Berlin as well as becoming a founder member and chairman of the Board of Management at arinna AG, Berlin. Bernd Walther, who until 2007 was Head of Marketing for photovoltaic units and PV modules at Solon AG, Berlin, is also a member of the Board of Management. In the same year (2007) he founded two marketing companies in Germany and Spain and became a founder member of Projekt Consult RCG GmbH, Berlin as well as a founder member in the Board of Management at arinna AG, Berlin.

International marketing

TRCG's successful marketing structures, which are constantly growing, are an essential component of the company concept. TRCG now already has sites in Germany, France, Italy and Portugal - and in Turkey. Plans also exist to extend the sales network to the Caribbean, the USA and Africa - to the advantage of arinna AG.

The "arinna" company philosophy

The company's fundamental mission is to provide solutions which maximise the use of the sun's energy - so that the earth's available resources shall be treated in a responsible manner. This is reflected in the name of the company; it derives from the sun goddess of Arinna, the holy city of the Hittites in the second millennium BC. She was responsible for the power of the sun and the fertility of the earth.