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Offshore wind turbines: 5 Megawatt full load test bench of AREVA in operation since October 2011

(PresseBox) (Bremerhaven, ) All AREVA M5000 5 Megawatt offshore wind turbines are tested from now on in the new full load test bench in Bremerhaven (Germany) to deliver a 100% quality product to the next offshore sites. The test bench offers the possibility to check the functionality under nominal load conditions and is a tool for the qualification of Second Source components. The worldwide unique test bench sets a new standard for the industrialization of offshore wind with full 5MW load tests of all assembled nacelles prior to commissioning.

Offshore wind turbine erection and operation costs are key determinants of project economics. This is one of AREVA Wind's lessons learned of alpha ventus - the first German offshore wind farm. AREVA Wind CEO, Jean Huby explains: "AREVA Wind and our customers will benefit from the new test facility. AREVA Wind reached a new quality standard."

AREVA Wind already offers today proven offshore solutions with unique custom-er value, including in-house full-scale test bench for best in class quality assur-ance of drive train, nacelle and electrical systems. The worldwide first 5 Mega-watt full load test bench was set up in 11 months and the first AREVA M5000 tests have been successful.

The AREVA Group has made a strategic investment of 15 Million Euro in quality leadership by constructing a full-scale 5MW test bench for best-in class quality assurance. The common task "Improvement of the regional economic structure", of the federal state Bremen and German Federation by public subsidies support-ed the expansion of the establishment and the construction of the nacelle test bench.

One full load test run of a complete nacelle, including electrical power train (Generator, Converter, transformer and MV Switch boards), takes up to 48 hours without set-up time. Major advantages of the new full load test facility are a re-duced failure rate and therefore minimized economical risks, high availability just after commissioning, a quality assessment of entire nacelle components and clear criteria for customer acceptance of the AREVA wind turbine. The test bench allows a long term test of major components under overload conditions and offers an efficient assessment of Grid compliance.

The combined effect of these advantages increases project reliability and short-ens installation times and costs. AREVA Wind finalized the test facility in the beginning of October 2011.

AREVA supplies solutions for power generation with less carbon. Its expertise and unwavering insistence on safety, security, transparency and ethics are setting the standard, and its responsible development is anchored in a process of continuous improvement.

Ranked first in the global nuclear power industry, AREVA's unique integrated offering to utilities covers every stage of the fuel cycle, nuclear reactor design and construction, and related services. The group is also expanding in renewable energies - wind, solar, bioenergies, hydrogen and storage - to be one of the top three in this sector worldwide in 2012.

With these two major offers, AREVA's 48,000 employees are helping to supply safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.


AREVA Wind manufactures and designs the AREVA M5000, a 5 Megawatt wind energy converter for offshore wind farms in the production facility in Bremerha-ven, a location which also offers best conditions for installation, service and transportation on the high seas. The AREVA M5000 is the first 5MW wind energy converter that has been exclusively designed for offshore conditions. AREVA Wind is a subsidiary company of the AREVA Group and part of the business group AREVA Renewables.