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Dutch architects use CAD software most frequently

(PresseBox) (MA Rotterdam, ) CAD software is used by most European architects for design and data exchange. This is shown by results of the European Architectural barometer, a research project initiated by Arch-Vision, covering the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. But how regularly is it actually applied by architects in the different parts of Europe?

In all countries, only a minority of architects does not possess CAD software. Still, architects do not necessarily work with it as often in one country as in another: For example, almost everybody is applying CAD all the time or regularly in the Netherlands (96 per cent of the architects). In the UK and France, the same can be said about nine out of ten architects.

German architects, on the other hand, also usually possess and use CAD software (84 per cent), but 18 per cent do so rarely or never. In Italy, a whole quarter of the architects do not use CAD software at all. 15 per cent of the Italian architects do not even have any CAD programmes.

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Arch-Vision ( is a sister company of USP Marketing Consultancy, BuildInfoConsult BV, BauInfoConsult GmbH and BouwKennis B.V. At present, Arch-Vision is fully occupied with the development and production of the European Architectural Barometer. In the medium run, Arch-Vision will develop into a complete European Architectural Platform, bringing together building material suppliers, publishers, software developers and architects. All interviews are conducted by native speakers. Twelve hundred interviews were completed for the first two measurements. The third one was based on twelve hundred interviews per measurement, as will be future measurements.