Big time: Arburg comes to Fakuma with 5,000 kN of clamping force!

Three world premieres in Friedrichshafen / first-class machine technology

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At the 25th Fakuma, which takes place from 17 to 21 October 2006 in Friedrichshafen, Arburg will again be making a clear statement regarding modern injection moulding technology. On the 940 square-metre exhibition stand in Hall A3, Stand 3101, three entirely new machine sizes will be presented to the trade visitors in the form of the Allrounders 920 S, 520 U and 275 V. In this way, the company clearly emphasises the significance of "50 years of ARBURG injection moulding machines" and "25 years of Fakuma".

With a total of eleven machines and complete systems as well as an additional Thermolift 100-2, original Fakuma exhibitor Arburg once again clearly demonstrates the wide range of different processes and applications that plastics processors can implement in their plants, using Lossburg injection moulding technology. The focus here is clearly on high-performance, large machine types with future-oriented technology.

Absolute highlight: Allrounder 920 S with a clamping force of 5,000 kN Due to its size alone, the new Allrounder 920 S stands out in the company's range of new features at Fakuma. Based upon the proven technology of the large Allrounder S from size 630, the enlarged tie bar distance as well as the higher clamping force represent an important increase in machine size and performance of the S series. The distance between the tie bars for the new Allrounder is 920 x 920 millimetres and the clamping force is 5,000 kN. This performance data surpasses that of one of the largest machines to date, the Allrounder 820 S, by 100 millimetres and 1,000 kN. Thanks to the "new one", even larger moulds for larger parts or with more cavities can now be used on Arburg Allrounders and moulded parts with clamping forces of up to 5,000 kN can be produced.

"With the new Allrounder 920 S and its clamping force of 5,000 kN, Arburg strategically supplements the top end of the successful large machine range, whereby the technical and design basis has already been tried and tested in the Allrounders 630, 720 and 820 S", says Herbert Kraibühler, Technical Director at Arburg, commenting on the company's intentions. "With all of our new machine types, we wish to provide not only our customers, but also new buyer groups with modular and thus individually-adaptable and up-to-date injection moulding technology and, due particularly to our series production philosophy, always at an optimal price-performance level. And all that in conjunction with the familiar Arburg quality."

Optimal combination of new and proven technical components Tried and tested features of the "small" machine types have also been retained in the Allrounder 920 S. For example, the mould height adjustment for adaptation of the clamping unit to the mould size, the accumulator versions for quick injection and mould movements and also machine modularity, allowing the use of injection units from the previous S machines on the new, large Allrounder, which can also be equipped as a multi-component machine. The fully hydraulic three-platen mould clamp is also used on the 920 S, which increases the mould guidance precision for this machine size. Through the design of the mould closing side, parallelism of the platens, stability and precision of the clamping unit and thus reproducibility and quality of production are optimally guaranteed and mould damage is prevented. The opening stroke of the clamping unit is 900 millimetres, the minimum mould installation height is 400 millimetres and the mould height adjustment stroke is 600 millimetres. All in all, this provides for a very impressive maximum platen distance of 1,950 millimetres. The demonstration part injection moulded on the new, large Allrounder 920 S is a household article.

Perfect for encapsulation: the new 275 V vertical machine In addition to the demonstration of a type 175 V vertical machine with a clamping force of 125 kN, small 30 injection unit, modular integrated rotary table and freely-accessible guard for the automated production of insert moulded parts, an expansion in the upper clamping force range is also being made with this machine series. With the new 275 V, a second vertical machine from Arburg is being launched onto the market, which can be equipped with injection unit sizes of 30, 70 and 100. The size of the mould mounting platens for the free-space design clamping unit is 275 x 325 millimetres (w x h); the maximum clamping force is 250 kN. This expansion step is the logical consequence, following the great success of the small injection moulding machines with vertically-arranged, fixed clamping unit, which were created in response to repeated customer requests. With the vertical Allrounder V featuring a free-space clamping unit, Arburg offers a series-produced machine designed especially for encapsulating inserts.

New Allrounder 520 U as largest machine in the series Also completely new is the Allrounder 520 U, which is now the largest representative of the U machine series. At Fakuma, this machine with a clamping force of 1,600 kN and 400 injection unit, will injection mould a technical application. All Allrounder Us are suitable for universal application in standard to high-tech production, due to their high degree of precision and modularity. This is achieved in a mould-protecting manner, due to the adjustability of the clamping unit with regard to parallelism of the platens, centricity and even clamping force distribution. The machines are equipped with a compact mould clamp with central drive unit. A further advantage: the optimised, easily accessible valve control for quick and precise machine movements, reduces the switching times and therefore the cycle time. The easily accessible hydraulic system, both on the injection and clamping sides, ensures optimum control of the drive axes and a high degree of precision.

For the "50 years of ARBURG injection moulding machines" anniversary: the Allrounder Golden Edition In addition to the three new exhibits, the Allrounder Golden Edition anniversary machine and the Allrounder U and A series provide the main focus at Fakuma. The Allrounder Golden Edition series was designed on the occasion of Arburg's "50 years of ARBURG injection moulding machines" anniversary and is represented at the exhibition by a 570 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 2,000 kN and an 800 injection unit, which produces a part for use in medical technology. A new range of injection unit sizes and selected, up-to-date technical components such as, for example, the modern control alternative Selogica direct with touchscreen, highly wear-resistant plasticising cylinder fittings, open-top safety guard and much more, are combined in this anniversary machine at a particularly attractive price. Arburg's gift to its customers in anniversary year 2006 is available as Allrounder 270, 320, 420, 470 and 570 C Golden Edition with clamping forces of between 400 and 2,000 kN including further options.

What else is there to see? The multi-component processing of a self-adhesive, oil-exuding LSR material together with a thermoplast is demonstrated on an electrical Allrounder 420 A 1000-400/170. A high-speed type 420 A 1000-400 with removal and stacking device produces two cups in an impressive cycle time of only 2.3 seconds. The familiar Allrounder U machine sizes are represented by a 170 U 150-30, which produces the token holder for the Arburg C1 machine model in the service area of the exhibition stand and on which the "calibration" option is demonstrated. Another 270 U 350-170 with a pivoting clamping unit produces a terminal strip in a two-cavity mould. Finally, an insight into the Arburg "Projects" department is provided by the production cell built around an Allrounder 630 S 2500-1300 with connected Multilift V robotic system, on which a hood hinge is produced. This configuration is intended to show how comprehensively Arburg, as systems supplier, supports its customers in the area of automated moulded part production, from the planning stage through to the finished product and the corresponding after-sales service. Also in the service area, a dew point measurement is performed on a Thermolift 100-2 material preparation and conveying device. However, not only the presentation of the three global innovations and the representative technology cross-section will remain unforgettable experiences for the visitors to the exhibition stand in Hall A3, but also a special gimmick on the occasion of the 50-year machine anniversary: Those who obtain an injection-moulded model of the C1 in the service area of the exhibition stand, can supplement this token holder with a shopping trolley token, as produced 50 years ago, which is manually injection moulded using muscle power, on a faithful reproduction of the original Arburg C1.
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