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Arburg exhibits electric high-speed machine in Slovakia

The energy-efficient electric Allrounder 420 A produces cups in a cycle time of around 2.2 seconds

(PresseBox) (Lossburg, ) From 20 to 23 May 2008, Arburg will present a high-speed thin-walled application at the 2008 International Engineering Exhibition in Nitra, Slovakia. On exhibition stand 34 in Hall M4, two cups will be produced on an electric Allrounder 420 A and subsequently removed and stacked in a cycle time of just 2.2 seconds.

Arburg has defined the efficient use of energy as one of its corporate objectives, and has incorporated the relevant measures in the all-embracing initiative "Energy Efficiency Allround". Here, the objective is not simply to use as little energy as possible in the production of Allrounders and the entire Arburg technology. Rather, the company seeks to use its products and expertise in order to efficiently minimise energy consumption among its customers as well. So, it is fitting that Arburg s exhibit at the 2008 International Engineering Exhibition in Nitra is an electric Allrounder 420 A, which has been awarded Arburg s Energy Efficiency label.

"By presenting the high-speed Allrounder 420 A, we will be able to demonstrate the performance and potential of our electric Arburg machines to trade visitors in Nitra in a most impressive way," declares Jaroslav Novak, manager of the Arburg subsidiary in the Czech Republic, who is responsible for the trade fair in Slovakia. He emphasises the importance of this trade fair: "The International Engineering Exhibition in Nitra has always been an important event. For the Czech Arburg subsidiary and the Slovakian office, it is without doubt one of the market highlights of 2008."

The exhibit in Nitra

The high-speed Allrounder 420 A 1000-400 features a distance between tie bars of 420 millimetres, a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a size 400 injection unit. Equipped with a two-cavity mould, it produces polypropylene cups. The shot weight for both cups is 16.8 grams. In addition to a pneumatically-operated needle shut-off nozzle for sprue-free injection, the machine also features an electro-mechanical ejector for rapid demoulding. With this equipment, the Allrounder A is ideally suited to high-precision but also rapid and reproducible production cycles with thin-walled parts. The high output levels also have the advantage of reducing unit costs, resulting in a short, economically advantageous payback period for the initial investment.

High economy of the Allrounder A

A principle feature of the electric Allrounder A machines is their cost efficiency. The main axes, with servo-electric drive as standard, enable simultaneous movements, thus facilitating short cycle times. The auxiliary axes can be driven electrically or hydraulically, depending on the customer's requirements. A further advantage of these electric machines is their low energy consumption which, depending on the application, can be up to 40 % lower than that of a comparable hydraulic machine. High reproducibility and part quality are guaranteed by the excellent positioning accuracy of the electric movement axes, which also contribute to the reduced noise emission level. In addition, the accuracy of the axis movements allows rapid and precise entry into the mould, thus optimising cycle times - a factor that plays a particularly important role in the case of complex production cells. Electric Allrounder A machines therefore offer decisive advantages for numerous applications.

By extending its product range, Arburg has expanded the scope of applications of the electric Allrounder A, for which the Selogica "direct" control system with touchscreen is also available as an alternative at no extra charge.

New features for a wider range of applications

Further new elements of the Alldrive range are the more generous installation dimensions, which allow the use of larger and more complex moulds on the electric Allrounder A, and the automatically self-adapting clamping force control, which ensures higher part quality. The safety guard, open at the top and enlarged at the rear of the machine, provides more space not only for cooling and electrical connections to the mould, but also for more convenient mould changing. With the new, small size 70 injection unit, Alldrive machines are now ideally suited to the production of small and micro-components.