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New Aircraft Designs Creating Opportunities for High Performance Aerospace Coatings

OEM Sector Growth will Complement MRO Demand for Aging Fleets According to Applied Data Research

(PresseBox) (Amherst, NH, ) As aerospace manufacturers and their engineering teams push the design envelope to create aircraft with better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance requirements, they are relying increasingly on engineered materials for a growing list of structural and non-structural elements and components. This trend is changing the way aircraft are developed, produced and maintained. It's also presenting opportunities for specialty materials suppliers with products that can improve production times, enhance performance, and/or extend maintenance intervals. Because of its ability to meet the needs of aircraft design teams, aerospace coatings are becoming an indispensible part of the aerospace industry.

For aircraft materials suppliers, the challenges do not stop with evolving specifications and materials technology. Well-publicized quality issues such as those that occurred on Boeing's 787 have regulators pushing for greater subcontractor oversight. This trend is exemplified by the (US) Federal Aviation Administration announced plan to seek the guidance of specialists outside the aviation industry to help with certification of new aircraft designs.

Applied Data Research has just published a new report detailing the findings of a just-completed survey of the global aerospace market. Aerospace Coatings: The Global Aircraft Market has been researched and written to be of optimal value to coatings suppliers. It consists of in-depth analyses, descriptions and evaluations of current and probable future market developments, technology issues and business factors - information necessary to compete effectively in this evolving market.

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