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Alpiq ensures an energy efficient Christmas in 15 cities

Christmas lights in Switzerland

(PresseBox) (Olten, ) On the 24th of November 2011, Lucy will for the second time provide the Christmas illuminations on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. Here, as in 14 other Swiss Cities, the Alpiq subsidiary Kummler+Matter AG will install the lighting to celebrate the Christmas season and the New Year. Increasingly, more efficient lighting systems are being used. These not only look great but also save electricity and costs.

"Lucy" hovered above the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich for the first time in 2010. Its name was not selected as a matter of chance, since its 11,550 "diamonds" are glowing and light refracting crystals that lie over the Zurich boulevard. Compared with the original "Baldachin" lighting, the light emitting diodes (LED) use far less electricity - a total of just 3 kilowatt, about the same as an oven. In total Lucy uses about 100 times less energy than the "Baldachin" lighting. Compared with the much discussed predecessor lighting "The World's Largest Timepiece" with flash lights, the energy consumption is reduced by 50 percent.

The trend is to LED lighting

Heinz Brandenberger, who is responsible for the external lighting department at Kummler+Matter AG, sees a clear trend towards LED lighting for Christmas illuminations. "Thanks to its energy efficiency and the low consumption, this technology will become the standard in the long run," he is convinced. This is supported by the fact that LEDs are no longer limited to just cold white light. In 11 of its 28 installed Christmas illumination displays, Kummler+Matter already uses LED technology.

Also in the Swiss towns of Aarau, Zug, Uster and Glattbrugg, Heinz Brandenberger's team is in great demand. Since October the electrical installation team has installed Christmas illuminations in a total of 15 locations. Always with the aim of presenting the streets and squares in Christmas finery. In 2012 they will almost certainly add additional towns to their list.

Alpiq Holding Ltd.

Swiss roots - Commitment throughout Europe

Alpiq Holding Ltd. is the leading Swiss energy trading company and the largest Swiss energy services provider with European orientation. The Group was formed at the beginning of 2009 through the merger of the two energy pioneers Atel Holding Ltd and Energie Ouest Suisse SA (EOS). It operates in Switzerland and Europe, has subsidiaries in more than 20 and in 2010 generated a consolidated annual turnover of around 14 billion Swiss francs. Alpiq is active in the fields of electricity generation and electricity transmission, in energy sales and trading, as well as in energy services. The company is responsible for about one third of Switzerland's electricity supplies.

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