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Packaging is the Key

Advantech’s ARK-6000 Series – MiniITX Compact Embedded Computer

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) The MiniITX form factor is the most compact of all industrial mainboards. The advantage of all current standards is that the mounting points are positioned in the same place, which means all boards fit into a standard industrial PC chassis. With its compact size and lower power consumption the MiniITX form factor is clearly ahead of the conventional ATX format.

From the realization that there is not one single solution in the field of MiniITX for industrial applications Advantech developed a highly flexible chassis series. This series was designed in accordance with the well-known ARK principle - highly modular, highly flexible and extremely compact. With just a few components, Advantech can provide the best possible and most cost-effective solution for your application.

As a starting point, three versions of the similar design are available. The most compact version ARK-6310 for MiniITX boards with Intel® Pentium® M processors and measuring just 232 x 65 x 232 mm, is a fan less system. In addition to the existing interfaces, a 2.5" HDD can be installed in a shockproof and vibration-proof assembly. The system is equipped with an external power supply with 14 to 24 VDC.

As with all ARK-6000 systems, the main board can also be accessed from underneath the unit. The top model ARK-6610, which measures 250 x 156 x 250 mm, offers sufficient space for all expansions.

Apart from an internal 3.5" hard disc drive, a slim-line CD/DVD drive can also be installed in a shockproof and vibration-proof assembly. A PCI expansion card and numerous additional interfaces can be accessed easily from the front. With a standard ATX power supply unit, all MiniITX boards also offer the possibility to be equipped with more powerful processors.

The Advantech ARK-6000 series therefore provides a suitable complete system for industrial applications where space is limited and a MiniITX board therefore provides the right basis.

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