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Advantech Honored with the 3rd Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the “Industry-Academy Cooperation Program”

(PresseBox) (Feldkirchen, ) For years, Advantech has fulfilled its social responsibilities, as befits an esteemed Taiwan corporation. For two years in a row, Global Views Magazine has recognized Advantech’s forward-thinking work, and honored the company with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award in the “Technology B” category (companies of less than 100 billion NTD in annual turnover).

“Industry-Academy Cooperation Program” – Advantech’s Focal Point Advantech’s CEO, KC Liu has likened the industry to a towering, flourishing tree, and the community as the soil from which the tree derives its nourishments and water; both are intimately connected in the greater context of social and cultural interaction.

The establishment of Advantech Foundation set the tone for the execution of a wide range of social responsibility projects. It first began by “Industry-Academy Cooperation Program.” The most important reason was to address certain limitations that underline the separation of industrial and academic creative efforts. K.C, Liu has noted that future innovations hinge on more successful cooperation between Industry and Academy. Further, industries at the other end of the Program also will be blessed with a fresh opportunity to acquaint themselves with the forefront of industrial development.

TiC Consortium
Advantech has yielded impressive results since initiating the Program. The “TiC 100,” a student competition, celebrates its 9th anniversary this year. Moreover, since the company decided to expand the scope of its “Industry-Academy Cooperation” two years ago, several new projects have taken off and prospered. To name a few important programs: the “inCampus Workshop” invited industrial executives and leadership talents together to meet and brainstorm; the “Focus Lab-Early Design” program was launched with Chang Gung University and the National Taiwan University of Technology, to promote industrial designs of products. Last but not the least – the “Elite Internship” program was initiated to nurture potential new talents.

This year, Advantech has spread a new concept of “Web 2.0/Far End” and develop “TiC Consortium: Industry-Academy Cooperation Alliance” The hope is to invite more enterprises, schools, social groups and other interested parties to form an alliance for an even more dynamic cooperative platform.

Finally, Advantech upholds the belief that by actively taking cares of employees. Advantech is building the “Advantech Beautiful LifE,” or, the “ABLE Club” for its esteemed employees. The intention is to help everyone at Advantech enjoy their lives. The ABLE Club promises an array of rewarding art and culture activities, leisure events, talent training and programs. All these activities emphasize a strong, constructive, wholesome and optimistic motivation to community as a whole.

Advantech Foundation Programs

TiC 100 Innovation Competition
First introduced in 1999, the “TiC 100 Innovation Competition” was intended to highlight the experience of breaking fresh ground and launching a new enterprise for university students. As part of the contest, they form business groups to confront by a series of projects that involve: marketing, research & development, and financial affairs. Industrial experts and professors from a variety of backgrounds are invited to consult and mentor the students, who are all poised for inspiration – and hoping to maximize their potential.
Focus Early Design Lab
Business and brand sustainability depends on product innovation. The “Focus Early Design Lab” was launched at Chang Gung University. The program goal seeks to create a more original and constructive approach for elaborating new product designs, upgrading product quality. While encouraging more productive idea exchanges in order to encourage a higher caliber of innovation and industrial design, the “Early Design Lab” also benefits participating professors and students. Everyone has the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and the experience necessary to succeed in competitive markets.

inCampus Workshop
This workshop takes place in a school setting intended to launch a coordinated growth model that highlights “cross-industry / academy” developments, by inviting managerial executives from different industries to brainstorm in a relaxed context. This workshop takes place at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In this September, it will be held in Beijing University for nurturing new leadership talents.

Elite Internship
The “Elite Internship” program is an excellent opportunity for students who are still in school, or graduates-to-be, both in Taiwan and overseas, to avail themselves of winter and summer breaks. They can step into the real world, and more easily adapt to the workplace and understand corporate culture in advance of their graduation.