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Image processing on the camera versus the frame grabber

Although frame grabbers offer the ability to enhance images through image processing functionality, like flat field correction, this kind of image processing can also be done in the camera

(PresseBox) (Eindhoven, ) There are several advantages of having this processing capabilities in the camera instead of doing this elsewhere in the system, such as:

- Higher accuracy since a higher bit depth is available for processing than would be on the interface, thus framegrabber.

- Improved image quality, as calibrations are made closer to the source of the artifacts and experienced camera manufacturers have a thorough understanding of potential issues.

- Reduced costs through:

- Fewer software resources to create own processing or workarounds for inefficient camera performance
- Reduced load on the PC-framegrabber processing can mean less expensive overall system costs
- Reduced data rate can allow for cost optimization with the system connectivity infrastructure

- More effective throughput with data reduction prior to the interface (region of interest, compression, bit reduction)
- Automatic adjustments through direct loops that either adjust for temperature changes, lighting conditions, lens defects or other specific system conditions

By taking these issues into account when choosing a camera, vision systems can be easily enhanced.