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ADB launches advanced lighting controller range at Pro Light+Sound 2011


(PresseBox) (Zaventem, ) ADB Lighting will host the worldwide launch of Freedom and Liberty, two highly advanced lighting control desks, at Pro Light+Sound 2011, based on the powerful new Hathor software platform previewed in 2010.

Freedom offers the ideal solution when large numbers of multi-parameter instruments need to be controlled with ultra-fast access. The desk allows users to control multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights and media servers as well as standard generic dimming systems.

Liberty is the spot-on solution for space-challenging environments and any cost-conscious venue seeking a fully integrated solution to control conventional and moving lights, LED sources and other modern equipment. It all comes in a compact and portable console with the capacity of much larger and more expensive lighting consoles.

Freedom is available in six basic configurations controlling from 120 to 2048 multi-parameter lighting instruments, while Liberty comes in five basic configurations controlling from 120 to 1024 multi-parameter lighting instruments. Both consoles can address up to 16 universes via suitable networks, and can perform as standalone or as a client consoles in an extended networked system. Networked consoles will support multi-user / multi-operator setups with optional software packages and hence work perfectly together with other control desks powered by Hathor software. Synchronised backup is optionally available.

Freedom's extra features includes four rotary wheels with pushbutton function, a set of special keys to manipulate moving lights, and a super smooth, large size trackball for precision positioning control.

All instruments and devices are programmed through an intuitive user interface that incorporates custom designed encoder wheels, multiple playback stacks, user definable keys and an integrated 10 inch touch screen, as well as the option of adding large format external touch screens.

For an operator it will also be easy to move from a Freedom or Liberty console to other members of the Hathor software-powered control desk family.

The heart of both consoles is a dual core processor supporting multiple graphical screens, running under the newest embedded version of Windows OS. This design offers unrivalled performance and reliability, as well as the flexibility to incorporate software drivers for the latest peripheral devices. The operator can freely configure the screen layout and tailor the user interface to suit personal needs and preferences.

Hathor software itself has been developed with the requirements of modern lighting design trends and has been extensively road-tested over an extended period of time.