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MEMS/Microsystems Activities in China - Moving from Low-cost into High-Value

The fast Development of China’s Micro/Nanotechnology Business poses Threats but also offers Opportunities to Western Companies according to the Latest enablingMNT Industry Report

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Given the magnificent growth, over the past few years, of the Chinese industry in electronics manufacturing, it is no surprise that the breadth of the MEMS/Microsystems (MST) activities in China is also experiencing a dramatic rise. China now counts over 600 nanotechnology companies, 1500 sensor manufacturers, 60 biochip companies and 150 fabless design houses.

enablingMNT's assessment of the developments indicate that the Chinese MST/MEMS industry is in the first place aiming at: the semiconductors, automotive and telecommunications markets, but efforts to penetrate the medical, industrial and consumer markets are also evident. The analysis demonstrates that there are two strong drivers behind the Chinese MEMS industry, namely:
(1) foreign companies starting joint ventures or subsidiaries and
(2) national and regional government investment.

The major areas of interest to those investing companies are in two main areas: manufacturing equipment and components/sensor fabrication. In the later group tire pressure sensors are especially of interest, given the size of the automotive world market but also the Chinese domestic market.

While the existence of organisations developing manufacturing equipment for microsystems as well as an upcoming service industry (e.g. foundries and design houses) are preparing China for future growth, the supply chain is still rather incomplete. Politics do not really encourage the start-up of small and flexible technology-oriented companies in China, thus there remain interesting niches for foreign companies to exploit.

The enablingMNT report “MST/MEMS Activities in China - Industry and Key Research Centres” provides readers with a detailed overview of this growing segment of the MST/MEMS community with profiles of the most important stakeholders in this exciting new market opportunity; it has been published by the enablingMNT team in collaboration with its Shanghai based associate partner Shanghai Titan Consulting and is available now at a low price of only 480 Euros.

For more information, please contact the publisher, Patric Salomon, at:
4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH, Cranachstrasse 1, 12157 Berlin, Germany


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