Media-tech Expo 2009

MEDIA-TECH Europe 2009 has a proven record of accomplishment - now in its 7th year as the leading removable media conference and exhibition. It offers an international audience the opportunity to hear papers, panel discussions, and presentations during technical sessions related to technology, markets, and business strategies for the package media industry.

MEDIA-TECH events are widely acknowledged to be the most important educational and informational events of the year for the packaged media industry. MEDIA-TECH Europe 2009 continues to offer the perfect opportunity for the entire media production chain to present their products and technologies.

Under the motto In Touch with Tomorrows Storage Technology Today, the MEDIA-TECH Europe 2009 is the event of the year to drive storage-manufacturing business of today and tomorrow!

MEDIA-TECH Europe 2009 is a conference and equipment show. The conference takes place on two half-day morning sessions focusing on storage technology, features and technologies impacting on the optical disc industry, including Bluray, digital copy, replication & duplication and green packaging, as well as the key influences on these business sectors.

The 2 day exhibition highlights emerging trends in media manufacturing industry by concentrating on both the current optical disc formats and future growth markets such as Blu-ray Disc, flash memory and electronic games in HD quality.

MEDIA-TECH Europe 2009 covers all production steps from authoring and encoding, through mastering, to quality control and packaging.