CWIEME Berlin 2010 - The worlds largest coil winding trade show in the world. In just fourteen years this exhibition has become the largest exhibition of its type with a growth rate of over 7 in the last year and over 878 since 1996.

CWIEME 2010s success is due to over 35 years of exhibition management and participation in other trade shows around the world.

There were three major Coil Winding Shows in the world. We originated the concept, the planning and execution of these exhibitions. We started the Coil Winding Shows over 35 years ago. First in London England in 1972, and then the next year in Chicago USA in 1973. The Berlin Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Show started in 1996 is now the most International, and the largest of its type in the world..

We make it easy for you to visit this exhibition. We have attended far to many trade show events in Europe to know how painful it is to find an hotel close to the event. Having to park miles from the exhibition grounds and take a bus. Trying to find the right exhibition hall. Trying to find the customers you came to see. High admission prices and catalogs.